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Photo by Daisy-Daisy/iStock / Getty Images

Is Your Retirement Protected?

Get Informed, Get Valuable Personal Advice, and Get a Nice Dinner Out On Me!

The decisions you face when dealing with your life's savings are some of the most important of your life.  You're working with what  may be your financial largest asset.

We're constantly bombarded with news of the "Next Big Crisis".  It's easy to let fear get the best of us when we are afraid that the next news cycle will spell the end of our savings.  But don't let fear ruin your peace and well-being.    

My name is Brent Ripley.  I'm a Utah lawyer and investment advisor. I study them markets and help people protect and grow their savings, and I want to help you make good decisions with your investments.

Come meet with me and I'll pay for your dinner at one of the following five restaurants: OLIVE GARDEN, RUBY RIVER STEAKHOUSE, MIMI'S CAFE, RED LOBSTER OR SIZZLER.  This is like one of those dinner seminars you keep getting invited to, but this meeting is specific to you and your family's needs!

I'm an attorney and fiduciary-level investment advisor who is legally and ethically obligated to put your interests first.  Many other advisors don't have this obligation, and are only interested in short term commissions, not long term relationships.  I depend on my clients being happy with me over the long term, not just in a one time transaction.

This FREE meeting is a wonderful opportunity for you to get free personal advice about how to:

  • Eliminate or significantly reduce taxes on your investments - bad tax consequences can be the biggest risk of all!
  • Make sure you will never run out of money;
  • Avoid common and costly mistakes that can increase increase your risk and reduce your and your spouse's access to your money;
  • Understand how new tax laws affect your estate and retirement plans; 
  • Reduce or even eliminate taxes on Social Security income;
  • Drastically reduce the income tax your heirs could pay when they inherit your retirement savings;
  • Use your retirement savings to protect yourselves and to serve others inside and outside of your family;
  • Protect your spouse's rights to your savings if he or she outlives you;
  • Understand the difference between market risk and market volatility;
  • Use different types of trusts to reduce or eliminate income, capital gains and estate tax on real estate, retirement plans, and highly appreciated stock holdings!

Unfortunately, if you are caring for a large nest egg, you could pay too much in unnecessary taxes and even IRS penalties.  Learn to avoid misinformation and misleading sales pitches, and get a free night out on me!

In addition to the free advice I'm giving you at this meeting, I'll also be giving you $50 towards one or more meals at any one of five restaurants: OLIVE GARDEN, RUBY RIVER STEAKHOUSE, MIMI'S CAFE, RED LOBSTER OR SIZZLER!  This is a free gift certificate that you can do whatever you want with - go out and eat or wrap it up and give it as a gift.  It's up to you.

STOP!  There are a few conditions before I give you your $50 restaurant gift card:

  • You must be between the ages of 55 and 80
  • You must be either actively considering retirement or already retired
  • You and your spouse must attend the appointment together
  • You must be pleasant and friendly people.
  • That's all.  There are no other conditions.

To reserve your free appointment and $50 restaurant gift card, please submit the following information: 

Your Gift Certificate is good for one of the following five restaurants: Olive Garden, Ruby River Steakhouse, Mimi's Cafe, Red Lobster or Sizzler.  

    Name *
    Please leave a valid phone number so we can call you to set up the appointment
    Please indicate which of these five restaurants you would like for your $50 Gift Certificate: Olive Garden, Ruby River Steakhouse, Mimi's Cafe, Red Lobster or Sizzler.

    Still Not Sure a Meeting with Me is Right for You?

    I've been an estate planning lawyer and investment advisor for over 20 years, most of it in Utah.  I have seen hundreds of people just like you plan for and execute their retirement decisions and estate plans.  My experience helps me see the things you don't see, and consider issues you haven't thought about.  

    Let me tell you what this meeting with me is about, and how it can help you.

    First, I don't have a presentation prepared for you.  You are in charge of our time together.  We will talk about whatever you want to talk about.  It's a time to ask me questions about whatever is most pressing for you.  Common questions I get are

    • Should I keep retirement savings in my 401(k) or should I roll it into an IRA?
    • What would be the tax consequences of rolling over my 401(k) to an IRA?
    • What new taxes will I have to pay?
    • How can I make sure we don't run out of money in retirement?
    • How much can I expect to make each year from my investments?
    • Should I take social security income now or should I wait?
    • How do I protect my investment from big losses?
    • How do I make changes to my estate plan?
    • Should I convert my retirement savings to Roth IRAs?
    • Which is best for my family, a Will or a Trust?
    • Can I expect to live off the interest of my savings?
    • What if I don't need to withdraw money from my retirement accounts?
    • How can my family reduce the tax they will pay on my retirement savings when I pass away?

    I will answer any questions you have to the best of my ability.  Most people who come see me bring their investment statements, last year's tax returns, retirement plan statements and estate planning documents.  This gives me a fuller understanding of your situation and allows me to give you real answers, not just hypothetical ones.  But that's up to you.  Just be aware that I don't like to shoot from the hip, and if I don't have enough information, I probably won't have very complete answers.

    Of course, if you just want a general understanding of how rollovers and estate planning works, I am happy to explain it to you.  Whatever we talk about, when we're done you can go on your way and have a great meal.

    A meeting with me doesn't cost you anything, and can save you many thousands of dollars.  Why not come in?

    Name *
    Please leave a valid phone number so we can call you to set up the appointment.
    Please indicate which of these five restaurants you would like for your $50 gift certificate: Olive Garden, Ruby River Steakhouse, Mimi's Cafe, Red Lobster or Sizzler

    Are You Still Thinking About It?

    You can learn more about me here.  It's ok if you want to talk to me first.  Call me at (801) 377-9787.  I'll answer your questions over the phone.